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About us

About Us

Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation


Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to YGF),registered in Yunnan Civil Affairs Department in 2008,is a local public offering foundation with taking the ecological environment protection as the main work.


Introducing domestic and aboard social supports to participate in ecological conservation, to focus on forest & climate change, to get involve multiple benefits afforestation, to protect biodiversity, to construct ecological harmony community, and to promote the the sustainable development.


A better home with a better environment


To raises social funds to support ecological protection, and according to donor's wishes, to implement project or provide fund support for relevant actions by the following strategies:

ž Provide evidence for governmental decision-making by exploring innovative protection measures through demonstration projects;

ž Cooperate with relevant organizations to explore new strategies, mechanisms and methods for protecting the ecological environment;

ž Cooperate with relevant stakeholders to implement ecological protection and public advocacy activities;

ž Establish ecological protection projects and provide financial support to grantees;

ž Facilitate fundraising for NGOs for ecological conservation projects.


2009 - Certified as Philanthropic Organization by Yunnan Social Affairs Department

2010 -  Ford Award for Environmental Protection, 2nd. prize

2011 - Board of directors of "China Association of Low Carbon" and "Yunnan Low Carbon Economic Network"; The "Sound Of The Earth Charity Evening" by YGF and Yunnan TV Station got the 22nd place on the Radio/TV Award of China TV Starlight Award (by the state administration of radio, film, and Television)

2012 - The bio-gas project of ecological village program got the 3rd. prize of Ford Award for Environmental Protection

Working Areas & Methods

Climate Change Adaptation

Actively respond to the challenges of climate change ,by carrying out multiple benefits afforestation and forest carbon credit program that based on nature solutions and the target of restoring forest ecosystem.

1.To restore the forest ecosystem and concentrate to launch activities, such as multiple benefits afforestation, carbon footprint elimination tree-planting activities etc.

2.To explore and develop the climate change adaptation strategies and methods .

3.To carry out forest carbon credit program, technical support, consultation, and cooperation on forestry carbon credit projects to domestic and foreign institutions.

4.To organize the community to conduct the propaganda and education activities related to forest and climate change.

Biodiversity Conservation

Protecting precious species and their habitats, establishing social nature reserve, and exploring new methods of biodiversity conservation.

1.To protect the precious species and their habitats, especially the extremely small population and rare species which have difficulty in nature regeneration in natural environment.

2.To protect the key ecosystems such as forests, wetlands etc.

3.To explore new method and strategy of biodiversity conservation.

4.To conduct the propaganda and education activities related to  biodiversity conservation.

5.To build the capability of nature resource conservation and of the staff in nature reserves.

6.To build social nature reserve for important protected wild species.

Community Sustainable Development

Striving to explore solution for the contradiction between resource utilization and environment protection, to build eco-harmonious, civilized, and sustainable new communities.

1.To enhance the community residents' concept of environmental protection and to carry out ecological and environmental protections in accordance with the community situation.

2.To protect ,inherit and propagandize the traditional culture and knowledge of the nature resource conservation and management.

3.To explore new approaches of ecological compensation in and around the nature reserves and other special ecological areas.

4.To participate and support the promotion of nature resource sustainable usage, especially solar energy, firewood-saving stoves and biogas.

Water Resources Protection

Exploring plateau wetland protection strategy and method, supporting water resource protection action and training, and conducting water-purify project at mountain village school.

1.To explore strategy and method for wetland protection, especially plateau wetland.

2.To support water resources protection related action, training, and advocacy.

3.To conduct school-based safe water supply project in mountain areas.

Welcome to work with us for

1.To provide the financial and material support for the eco-environment protection in Yunnan.

2.To work together with us to explore new strategies, mechanisms and methods to eco-environment protection.

3.To conduct the ecological and environmental protection activities.

4.To apply our eco-environment protection projects.

5.Apply and use our platform to raise funds for eco-environment protection.

6.Apply to be our volunteers.

7.To spread the concept of eco-environmental protection with us.

Tel/Fax: 0086-(0)871-65018953
Add: Room 2003, Unit 2, Building B2, No.33 Xichang Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, P.R.China.
Email: ygf@ygf.yn.cn