A galance to the ten-year work

2019/9/20 16:57:00

YGF project foot print

Foot print of YGF work in Yunnan province 

Over the last ten years, YGF carried out work based in Yunnan, aiming at forestation with multiple benefits, exploration of innovative protection models, improvement of public participation, construction of ecological harmony and promotion of sustainable development. It has driven innovation and progress by funding demonstration projects, and advocated positive ideas to the public through public welfare activities to promote the community. 

In order to support the efforts, YGF has plaied an active role at raising social support and lingking cooperation between the local projects and (home and abroad) cooperation or support.  By the end of 2018, YGF has launched in total 7 specific funds, 170 philanthropic projects and activities by the great support of Yunnan Forestry Department (renamed Yunnan Forestry and Grassland Bureau in 2018), Yunnan Provincial Civil Affairs Department, more than 150 companies & charitable/philanthropic organizations, and nearly 10,000 persons. Nearly 60 million Yuan of donations have been raised to support the wild protection(such as Yunnan Snub-nosed monkey and Asian elephants), restoration of vegetation in key ecological areas, forestry carbon sequestration, rural sustainable development, water resources protection, and public education, etc.

ten year stastic of YGF donation

Ten-year statistics of YGF donation income and charity expenditure (Unit: Yuan,  data source: China Foundation Network)

Thanks for the better social recognition of charity work and YGF's efforts, the annual donation amount of YGF has gradually increasing. Since 2015, the annual amount has exceeded 10 million yuan each year. According to the statistics of China Foundation Centre, the YGF annual charity expenditure ranks the first among all environmental protection foundation in Yunnan province (data source: China Foundation Centre, 2018).

In order to enlarge the funding impacts, YGF actively expanded network and collaboration with government, professional organizations, academic institutions in promoting project implementations, and gave priority to support the innovative demonstration projects, while gathering co-funding from the government. By the end of 2017,the governmental co-fund amount raised to about 22 million yuan in total.

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