Twinning exchange links friendship of YGF and Gender-CC

2020/3/5 16:39:00

In order to improve staff member capacity, Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation (in short YGF) joined in the 2019 EU-China NGO twinning program. A female young staff, Ms. Jia Yuan, established good cooperation with the Germany counterpart, Ms. Isadora Cardoso Vasconcelos, from GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice.  

The EU-China NGO twinning program is funded by Robert Bosch Foundation and Stiftung Mercator, and China Association for NGO Cooperation is the Chinese co-organizer. The program start from 2013, and twenty four NGO each year from China and German organized as twinning partner with same or relevant field. By the end of 2018, there has been 130 NGOers from more than 20 European countries and 18 Chinese cities involved in the program.

The exchange consisted in sharing information about both organizations between each of the twinners and their colleagues, and their organisations’different principles and modes of operation. Each participant completed a four-week stay in the other organisation, where they experienced more in detail the content and practice of managing a climate project.

In Isadora’s case, she was able to visit the site where one of the community development projects of YGF is currently taking place, in Teng Chong, whereas Jia Yuan could experiment the methodological background of GenderCC’s flagship project, the Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative, while also being able to take part in daily decision-making and management tasks, such as team meetings and GenderCC board elections.

In Jia Yuan’s case, she learned more about how climate justice and gender issues are interacted, and how GenderCC design, implement projects as well as conduct their ideas based on the global network. After the exchange, YGF intends to gain experience to broaden and open up work perspectives on gender and climate change.

Jia Yuan is sharing her point of view in a workshop

A workshop with the german partners

Isadora start her four-week twinning exchange in YGF

Isadora joined in a field survey in a village in Tengchong county

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